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Some people prefer new vehicles for their low mileage, updated technology, and new-car smell. However, there are considerable advantages to buying a used SUV, truck, or car. Read on to learn the benefits of a used vehicle purchase.

A Lower Cost

It’s no secret that a used car costs less than a new one in most cases. This is one of the biggest benefits of buying used; customers don’t have to come up with such a big down payment, and they pay less each month.

Increased Reliability

The used vehicle market has changed considerably over the past few years, in part because of how well cars and truck are made. Most of today’s vehicles can reach 300,000 miles or more before getting to the end of their useful lives, a milestone that was unheard of in the past. Now, when customers buy cars that are a few model years old, they’ll last longer than expected.

Less Depreciation

Over time, a car loses some of its value to depreciation. The more it’s repaired, used, and driven, the lower its resale value goes. A new car loses approximately 40% of its value in the first year, and much of that occurs the minute it’s driven off the lot. With used cars, however, depreciation is slower. Customers can also rest easier, as they won’t have to worry so much about being the first one to cause a ding or scratch.

Lower Cost to Insure

In most instances, auto insurance rates are lower for used vehicles than for new ones of the same make and model. This goes along with the cost of ownership aspect mentioned earlier; not only will customers have a lower payment each month, but they’ll also pay less for insurance coverage as well.

Test Drive a Used Honda Today

These are just some of the benefits of purchasing a used car, truck, or SUV. The team at the dealership is happy to help a customer find the perfect used vehicle. Stop by to test drive a used Honda, or click here to get a quote and fill out an online contact form.