5 Traditional Snacks from Jakarta’s Betawi Ethnic Group

Betawi is the original ethnic group living in Jakarta. As any other ethic groups, they have their own traditional snacks and sandwiches. While you are in the city, you might not want to miss trying these 5 traditional snacks by Betawi people.

Kue rangi

Kue implies cake, and there are a number of distinct kinds. Kue range are spread thin and then cooked on a small steel griddle with a brown sugar and wheat mixture brushed at the top. Order it from a streetside vendor and watch the practice of making it yourself.

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Kue cucur

You’ll find this dessert in almost every conventional marketplace in Indonesia, and there are various versions from Malaysia and Thailand. Made with rice flour and palm sugar, kue cucur tastes candy, a tiny bit savory, also has crispy thin edges with a soft middle. It is an important dish in traditional ceremonies.

Kue ape

Kue ape is made out of flour, rice flour, vanilla, coconut milk, sugar, and pandas, which give the treat its odor and green color. It is cooked a frying pan to give it a rounded shape with crispy edges and a thick and soft center. Kue ape are colloquially and famously known as booby cake due to the shape. You may typically find road stalls serving up due ape in front of schools.

Kue cubit

One of the most well-known snacks in Jakarta, kue cubit is made out of wheat and milk as the primary ingredients. The most popular version has chocolate sprinkles on top. The batter is baked on a steel molding that is somewhat like a shallow cupcake tin, and it only requires a couple of minutes to cook. Kue cubits are much like Dutch poffertjes in form and color. They are a favorite little and speedy bite (cubit way pinch and describes the small pinchable dimensions ).

Roti gambang

Roti gambang is a standard Betawi bread made with flour and brown sugar. The title is inspired by the shape of Betawi’s traditional musical instrument, the gambang.


5 Must-Try Breakfast Dishes While You Are in Medan

Having breakfast in the morning is a must. If you are in Medan, the city has vast options for breakfast menu that you can try. Here are 5 must-try breakfast dishes while you are in Medan.

Bakmi Hock Seng

Operating since 1932, Bakmi Hock Seng was consistent with their flavor and is not stingy with the components. With generous toppings and delicious noodles, it’s no wonder they’re still one of the natives’ penchant for breakfast!

Bakmi Shanghai

Said to have been educated by a Chef coming directly from Shanghai, the owner of Bakmi Shanghai produced his noodles fresh every single day. Not chewy and smooth since Bakmi Khek, this noodle shop could become your breakfast option for a mild taste.

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Bihun Bebek Akien

Bihun (or Beehoon) is a kind of noodle that is made of rice flour and is typically very thin and when cooked, almost translucent in color. It’s a hearty meal which most folks deemed to have nutritional value. At Bihun Bebek Akien, you can find two types of Bihun Bebek: the dry version and the wet version. If you don’t prefer the soupy ones, choose the dry one, You don’t have to worry about the taste because the Bihun itself has been blend with sesame oil, making it fragrant enough.

Bihun Bebek Asie Kumango

There are two ways to make Beehoon Duck soup. The first one is using just the duck meat to in the soup, and the second one is inserting herbal combination into the broth. More stalls utilize herbal mix because 1) it is less costly and 2) Duck has a gamey odor that is not easy to eliminate. Bihun Bebek Asie Kumango is famous for using duck meat only to produce their broth. Can you imagine how rich their soup is? The high price is worth it once you taste it.

Kari Bihun Tabona

To say Kari Bihun Tabona possesses the best curry stall in Medan isn’t an overstatement. Known also as one of the very legendaries stall in Medan — that is a location you can’t miss!

An equilibrium ratio of the ingredients produces a perfect curry — maybe not too watery or oily yet not overly creamy as most curries. To get a bowl of heavenly perfection, then you probably ought to go a little ancient.


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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Auto Body Repair

There are some cases where your care needs some professional repair or maintenance. At this point, you need the services from an auto body shop. You should always consider your car one of your major investment and should give it careful attention. You should not only repair its outer look only. You should get the lasting solutions from the professionals in the auto body shop. You should find a highly reputable auto shop that can give your car a quality repairs. The large numbers of the existing auto body shop can make it sometimes hard to pick the reputable one. You need to do some research and do background information to come up with the best auto body shop. These are the vital tips to know before choosing an auto body shop.

The primary factor to consider when choosing an auto body shop is the price quotations. It is advisable to know the exact quotation of the prices from the auto body shop before agreeing. Always do a comparison of the rates from different auto body shops. The technicians should be honest to provide you with a fair estimation of the cost of the auto body service. Compare the rates then take the one which you can afford.

You should verify the experience of the technicians and their qualification before hiring cole’s collision auto body shop. This is one of the important factors that you should keenly examine. The technicians should have the valid qualification papers. You should also know if the technicians went for valid training. The presence of the license will also be an indication that the auto body shop has the full authority from the state to carry out the operation. I will be of great benefit to you because you can follow the legal channel in any case of misunderstandings.

You need to look at the recommendation of the cole’s collision clifton park auto body shop you want to work with. You should ensure that before your car needs collision repairs, you need to look for a quality body shop. You can get the recommendations from your friends and family members to know how the auto body shop gives out the services. You can use the website to also read on the different reviews from the previous clients. This will help you know if the technicians have the knowledge and the other clients were satisfied with the services they offered.

In summary, these are the vital tips you need to examine when choosing cole’s collision north greenbush auto body shop.

Check Out These Attractions in NYC

Traveling to New York City can be tons of fun, but there’s so much to do it can be hard to narrow down the options. It’s important to plan ahead to make sure there’s plenty of time to see and do everything during a trip. Anyone visiting NYC, no matter how long they’re staying, will want to make sure they don’t miss these places while they’re in town.


Make sure to set aside some time to see a Broadway show. Both evening shows and afternoon matinees are available and there are plenty of options for shows to see so it’s easy to find something everyone in the group will enjoy.

Coney Island

Since the early 1900s, Coney Island has been a fantastic place to visit during a trip to NYC. This amusement area has plenty to do and see. Head to Coney Island during any part of the year and plan to spend at least a couple of hours here to get to try everything.

Bronx Zoo

Home to more than 4,000 animals, this is another can’t-miss attraction in New York City. Plan on staying the entire day and make sure to bring extra money to check out the gorilla forest, children’s zoo, bug carousel, monorail and much more. This is perfect for families planning a trip to NYC but is also an attraction for anyone visiting the area to check out.

Fifth Avenue

A trip to New York City wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of shopping. Plan on walking down Fifth Avenue to check out all of the shops. The area has everything from the Apple store to Lindt Chocolates for chocolate fans or the American Girl store for any doll collectors. It also includes many different designer clothing and jewelry stores, so plan on spending at least a few hours here to see everything.

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, make sure you plan time for these and other Must See Attractions NYC. You won’t want to get home and find out you missed out on the chance to see something while you were in the city.

Click Here for Information on the Benefits of Buying Used Hondas

Some people prefer new vehicles for their low mileage, updated technology, and new-car smell. However, there are considerable advantages to buying a used SUV, truck, or car. Read on to learn the benefits of a used vehicle purchase.

A Lower Cost

It’s no secret that a used car costs less than a new one in most cases. This is one of the biggest benefits of buying used; customers don’t have to come up with such a big down payment, and they pay less each month.

Increased Reliability

The used vehicle market has changed considerably over the past few years, in part because of how well cars and truck are made. Most of today’s vehicles can reach 300,000 miles or more before getting to the end of their useful lives, a milestone that was unheard of in the past. Now, when customers buy cars that are a few model years old, they’ll last longer than expected.

Less Depreciation

Over time, a car loses some of its value to depreciation. The more it’s repaired, used, and driven, the lower its resale value goes. A new car loses approximately 40% of its value in the first year, and much of that occurs the minute it’s driven off the lot. With used cars, however, depreciation is slower. Customers can also rest easier, as they won’t have to worry so much about being the first one to cause a ding or scratch.

Lower Cost to Insure

In most instances, auto insurance rates are lower for used vehicles than for new ones of the same make and model. This goes along with the cost of ownership aspect mentioned earlier; not only will customers have a lower payment each month, but they’ll also pay less for insurance coverage as well.

Test Drive a Used Honda Today

These are just some of the benefits of purchasing a used car, truck, or SUV. The team at the dealership is happy to help a customer find the perfect used vehicle. Stop by to test drive a used Honda, or click here to get a quote and fill out an online contact form.

Enjoying Your Trip to New York

Visiting New York is a fun and exciting option for a vacation. This time of year, New York offers plenty of holiday events, such as Macy’s parade and the New Year’s celebration, that attract people from all over the world. Even outside of those holiday events, there are many attractions and things to do while visiting the city. Things to Do in New York are plentiful. There is something to match anyone’s likes and enjoyments that can ensure a wonderful and memorable trip.

Explore the Wildlife

New York has some amazing zoos that can provide enjoyment and education for anyone with even the slightest interest in wildlife. The Bronx Zoo is the country’s largest zoo with more than 265 acres to explore. There is a vast array of animals and wildlife that can provide hours of fun and learning for each of the more than two million people that visit every year. In addition to the Bronx Zoo, visitors can explore the Central Park Zoo, the New York Aquarium, or one of several other zoos in the city.

Historical Attractions

Most people visit New York to see some of the most amazing pieces of history and art. Ellis Island provides a wealth of historical information that can pique the interest of any amateur historian. The city is full of museums and art galleries that provide a surprising look at the creations of a large number of artists. Just seeing the beautiful skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty can provide a memorable experience in the great city.


A definite must for anyone visiting New York is to experience the theater with a production on Broadway. Even off-Broadway productions can provide an experience unmatched anywhere else in the world. These theatrical performances often give viewers a bold and powerful look into the lives of the characters. There is nothing quite as spectacular as seeing these shows at the center of this amazing city.

New York is a fantastic city with much to offer anyone. Their nightlife provides a fun outlet for those who wish to fully experience the city that never sleeps. For those who do not know where to start once they get to the city, there are tours and guides available to provide the perfect experience.

Click to Read More About Purchasing a Used Car

Purchasing a used car does not have to be a stressful process, as long a person knows what they are looking for and takes the time to carefully research. With this information, individuals can learn some helpful tips that will assist them in the process of finding the right used car to meet their needs and budget.

Tips For Buying a Used Car

When purchasing a used car, individuals need to make sure they are careful in the process. It can be risky purchasing a car that is used, especially when an individual purchases from a private seller with no warranty or guarantee. The following tips will help buyers to protect themselves and ensure they are making the right purchase.

  • Before individuals begin their search, it is wise for them to sit down and go over their budget. Knowing how much can be spent will help to prevent a person from falling in love with a car they simply cannot afford. Once a person knows their budget, they can stick with shopping for cars in that range.
  • Individuals need to research the model of car they are planning on purchasing. By carefully reading reviews, individuals can learn if the car they are considering is likely to break down or experience problems that will be expensive to deal with for the owner.
  • Having the car checked by a certified mechanic is a must for ensuring the right car is purchased. The car should be checked end to end to make sure there are no hidden issues that could spell disaster and great expense.
  • Checking the vehicle’s history report is also essential. Today’s used car dealerships often offer this type of report for free, but potential buyers can also check the history if they know the VIN number of the vehicle.

Learn More Today

If you are looking for the perfect used car to help you with your transportation needs, click to read more. With the above tips, you will be able to find a car that is valuable and will give you good service for many years to come. Check out the selection today to get started.

Require a New Auto Dashboard or windscreen? You should definitely Consider the Next Causes In Order To Make some sort of Work with

That has a reputable car is something the majority of people assume. Over, a person will start off to check out a number of symptoms of dress in from them vehicle. The most crucial aspects of just about any vehicle stands out as the windows.
Although this element of your vehicle is usually durable, at this time there will come a new time if windscreen replacement is needed. Once moment occurs, an individual will have to get an appropriate windscreen replacement auckland authorities in order to available. Consider a lot of the stuff you need to think about before choosing a service that can help with this type of get the job done.
Choosing a Company By using Practical experience is important
The most important thing you’ll need to bear in mind prior to getting a business to replace its harmed windshield will be the volume of expertise they’ve got. Most motorists fail to realize the best way tough switching a good dashboard or windscreen is often. Wanting to repeat this work while not the expertise of a reputable experienced will broadly speaking can lead to a assortment of problems ultimately.
Prior to hiring professionals to accomplish windscreen replacement christchurch, an individual have to find available more to do with for how long they’ve been in the business. Generally, an individual can find every one of the advice they need simply by looking at the assessments a particular company contains.
Obtaining a Reasonable Recovery
The subsequent component your vehicle operator would need to take into account prior to hiring an established to replace their very own windshield is the way very long they can choose to use complete the job. In the event the windows at a auto can be broken, it will probably be very hard for anyone to push the item.
In place of getting with no car for some time of time, a motor vehicle user will probably need to do their own due diligence before making any retain the services of. Even though an automobile user must spend additional to obtain a prompt completion for this position, it will be worth the money.
Finding the perfect originates from car window replacements will require a number of expert intervention. Paying out pro’s to carry out dashboard or windscreen substitute is a wonderful investment.

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Reasons to Learn Data Science

If you are someone who is thinking about your future, you might be wondering what skills you should get for yourself. When people think about this, they will find that their options are truly endless, because there is so many things that they can go for. One of the best things that you can learn however is definitely data science. This is because when you go and learn data science, you will find that there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you do this. All people that have never tried anything like this before will certainly be curious to know what exactly the advantages of getting data sciences are exactly. Today, we are going to have a short look at some of the very many benefits that everybody who makes the right decision by going for data sciences will definitely enjoy when they do this.

When you go for data science, you will find that this is something that is very useful indeed. People are surely aware of the fact that the world changes every day, and we are really heading into the data age already. And you will find that data analytics is something that is going to become more and more important as the days go by. This is why everybody should know that having the skills to handle data is something that is going to be very useful for them in life. Everybody will find that with their data skills, there is truly so much that they are going to be able to get done indeed. And all people will find that as the world moves into the future, these skills are only going to become more valuable. This is why you should definitely go and learn data science today and get all of these valuable skills.

As data science becomes more and more vital in our modern world today, people will find that with these skills, getting a great job is not something that is going to be hard any longer. You will find that there is a very high demand for data scientists nowadays. This is why if you want your future to be one that is financially secure, you should learn data sciences. When people learn the skills that come along with the data sciences, they will find that there are going to be a lot of doors that will be opened for them indeed. This is why all people today will be very wise to go and learn the data sciences for themselves so that they can enjoy all of these and so much more.

Getting Down To Basics with Training

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Automobiles: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Benefits of Auto Detailing

For any car owner, the aesthetic appeal of their vehicle is what matters most. The best way to realize this wish is through auto detailing. It does an excellent job in restoring your car’s interior and exterior to mint condition. Your vehicle can regain its best look since it is taken through a thorough cleaning and reconditioning. It is not a service that needs to be done regularly as once a year is enough. Auto Detailing, as a service, has many more benefits to offer apart from the great new look. Here, you can read and understand more about auto detailing and its advantages.

The look of your car is improved through auto detailing. Apart from cleaning and paint repair, auto detailing shops offer services like dent repair, odor elimination, glass treatment, polishing, and waxing. Through the removal of surface imperfections and color improvements, the appearance of your car undergoes a total transformation which leaves it with a great new look.

You are able to achieve more protection for your car. There is a coat that is installed on every new car to offer protection from destructive environmental elements. The coating, however, is just a temporary solution as it fades with time. Auto detailing becomes your only option when such a scenario arises. Apart from the aesthetic detail it adds to your car, it also forms an extra proactive layer. Your ride is protected from elements such as UV rays, pollution, dust, moisture, and corrosion. After repainting, a layer of wax is added on top of the pain to prevent it from wearing out.

You are able to get rid of any dirt, debris, and dust through auto detailing. It is possible for you to vacuum clean your car on your own but the chances of you getting rid of every piece of dirt are minimal. Auto detailing experts are well trained in thorough cleaning of a cars interior which includes the removal of any stains present on the cloth, leather and carpeting inside your car. Your car cannot get any cleaner than it already is after an auto detailing session.

It allows you to get more money if you ever have to sell your car. A car is not something that you are going to keep for the rest of your lifetime, and you may be forced to sell or trade it in for a different one at some point. Through regular auto detailing, you are able to raise or maintain the value of your car. This guarantees you a better price for your car if you ever have to move it on.

The Essential Laws of Cars Explained

Why No One Talks About Experts Anymore